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Check out the Functional Forum Group Visit Series

James Maskell interviews Dr. Jeffrey Geller about his 20 + years of experience using group medical visits to reduce loneliness and leading the way for others in the field

Get trained in Group Medical Visits at ICGMV: Empowerment Models, service models, integrated models.

Come to our first conference on September 14th and 15th and learn everything you need to know to get your practice started.  A variety of models for a variety of practices.  Find the model that will work for you.  We have special experience in those working with the poor and underserved or those working with integrated and integrative practices.

Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US):a community of health practitioners committed to gr

Check out the IM4US Toolkit.  A great pediatric group visit resource is there with other great materials and handouts!

JACM Journal Dedicated to Group Medical Visits has free access until September!

The pediatric obesity empowerment model is a fantastic way to care for children in you practice.  Read the how to manual here for ideas in working with children!

Read Paula Gardiner's Article

What is next in group medical visits?  How are group visits a tool for health equity?

Dr. Geller introduces the Group Inclusion Effect

Find out about the magical extra forces that help participants in groups have better health outcomes.  Hear some ideas to maximize this effect!


Step by step guides on the Pediatric Obesity Empowerment Models and Chronic Pain groups

icgmv integrative pain group medical visit manual 2019 (pdf)


Group Visit Consent Form_ ICGMV_English 8-5-19 (pdf)


Group Visit Consent Form_ ICGMV_Spanish.asd (pdf)


Talent Release kh ICGMV (pdf)